Opening and installation of safe 24 hours in Barcelona

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Locksmiths La Clau Màgica - Opening and installation of safe 24 hours in Barcelona

To open a safe we can ensure that not just any locksmith.


If you have problems with your safe and wants to open quickly and professionally, we know well how to do it !. We can open any safe  in Barcelona or province .


Also, if you want, we can leave his safe as new. In Barcelona La Clau Màgica Locksmiths  Serrallers  work with all brands, both for opening and for their installationFERRIMAX, FAC, BTV, ARFE, FICHET, OLLÉ, SOLER, etc.)


When installing a safe it is important to decide on a professional safe or home safe .

              Safe professional

Professional safes are specially designed for your company. They are safes III grade. These safes perform the function of vault, as inside, have other 2 cases of grade III to the custody of any property that has value. We can say that these safes are certified maximum security for their most precious belongings.

                   Home safe

Domestic safes are perfect for home, office and hotel rooms. These boxes are easy to install, and of course, in Barcelona La Clau Màgica Locksmiths have a wide range of strong domestic box so that you are always quiet.